Make Dinner Simple With Breaded Chicken Bites

I’m a big believer in simplicity, especially when it comes to cooking. More complicated meals have their time and place, but for low-budget, week-night cooking, simple is the way to go.


Simplicity is also one of the reasons I chose to create comics out of recipes. As a visual learner, I find seeing the steps is an easier way to understand what I’m meant to be doing.

Though I had some ideas about illustrating recipes brewing in my head, it was a recipe from Bon Appétit that cemented the idea. As I was flipping through the magazine, I came across the “Basically” section, which used photographs to give step-by-step instructions. I thought it was clever, showing me what each step should look like. Similarly, the “Prep School” section had small illustrations showcasing a few preparation hints to make the rest of the cooking go smoothly. I knew I could play off their approach and expand on it, making it my own. In November 2018, I returned to the concept and began experimenting with it. I started with a comic about pumpkin butter. The recipe seemed easy enough to turn into a comic and before I knew it I had created my first #comicaleats.

Though I’ve only drawn out three recipes, including the one on Chicken Bites below, I have plans to do several more.


Here’s the stuff you really came for –– the Bites. I wanted to turn this recipe into a comic because of how simple it is. It’s great for beginning cooks, students, or those who need a quick, easy meal. These Chicken Bites are probably one of my favorites to cook and eat. If I have a signature recipe to my name, this is it.


When using this recipe, I typically use Italian dressing to marinate the chicken chunks. Once the chicken is cut up and in a Ziplock bag, I pour the dressing (about half a standard bottle or a full small bottle) over the chicken and leave it in the fridge for at least an hour. However, Italian dressing is just one variation. I first learned to make Breaded Chicken Bites using an egg wash. The egg wash negates the need for a marinade and can be done right before breading. No need to wait for the chicken to be ready.

THE EGG WASH: Crack a whole egg into a cereal-sized bowl. Pour in a small glug of milk and beat with a fork. Dunk chicken chunks into the egg, covering completely.

From this point, the recipe proceeds as normal.


  • The bread crumbs should be put on a high-sided plate or a bowl to prevent spillage and more cleanup.
  • Using parchment paper on the pan also reduces cleanup.
  • If you want more color on your Bites, broil for two minutes.
  • These Chicken Bites taste great with mixed veggies. BBQ sauce can be a great addition but is not necessary.

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