About Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Ellen and I am a recent college graduate from Truman State University with BAs in English and Communication.

comically ellen

Me in my comic form

My love of comics began early in life. Bedtime stories consisted of the adventures of Calvin and Hobbes and Sunday mornings were dedicated to reading the latest escapades of Blondie, Baby Blues, and Family Circus in the newspaper. While I’ve only dipped my toes into the Marvel/DC comic book world, I’ve remained a loyal reader of strip comics. However, I have submerged myself into the Webcomic/Webtoons experience.

My love of art and doodling came about during boring high school classes as I struggled to find a way to keep my overactive mind focused. My doodles remained mostly loose and abstract until a creative project in my sophomore year (at Truman) forced me to look at short stories a little differently. That is when I started making my own comics. And since that project, I’ve continued to practice my drawing skills and to exercise my funny bone.

I’m really excited to explore the wild universe of comics and to find my comical voice as I draw inspiration (pun definitely intended) for my own comics from that vast universe.