About The Blog

To some, comic strips and comic books may be considered “low art”, but I think there can be a lot of thought and artistry in those panels. Comic artists put just as much time and thought into their work as “traditional” artists do.

My love and appreciation of comics have led me to create my own. I am by no means as artistically or comically skilled as other creators, but my friends and family have given me compliments, chuckles, and encouragement as I continue to grow.

With that, I’d like to invite you to join me on a potentially hilarious journey as I explore the history, culture, and genres of comics as well as my own brand of humor.


This blog is not affiliated with Truman State University. It began as a class project for COMM 349: News Reporting and Writing, but the owner of this blog is responsible for all content and opinions posted and expressed on this blog.