New Art for a New Year


Playing around with new and different materials like coffee

In recent months, I’ve been experimenting with my art a lot. I felt the need for more variety and to breathe new life into the work I was creating. I began using watercolor pencils (which I love) in early 2018, but have only recently started playing around with them. I want to find the best way –– or maybe the proper way –– of using them. That is an ongoing project.

Another new practice I’ve been trying is 3D illustrations by way of layering cut-out pieces. I did not think of this on my own. While the concept is not new, I got the idea from Youtuber Kasey Golden. She usually uses watercolor, but has used papercuts to create an inspiring visual. So I tried it myself with recycled cereal boxes, watercolor paper, and glue.

For my first attempts with little understanding of what I was doing, I am proud of how my teacup elephant and comic self-portrait turned out.


3D(ish) self-portrait. I was a bit to rough and impaitent when cutting out the letters resulting in a missing second “c” in “comics”. Lesson learned.


Here’s to wishing teacup elephants were real. The backgroud is modge-podged newspaper strips.

Lastly, I have found a new subject for my comics –– food! Combining my love for food and art seemed almost inevitable. After all, I love to cook AND my initials spell out EAT. I figure I have to take advantage of those initals somehow. So, I’ve been drawing out recipe comics and calling them #comicaleats.


Coming soon to #comicaleats: Breaded Chicken Bites

While I am still trying to figure out the best way to set up this variety of comics, I am happy with ones I’ve done so far.

Inktober Dump #2

Inktober days 15-18:


Day 15- I often find myself powerless to resist most forms of candy, especially during October.


Day 16- Most elephants are not ANGULAR…unless they are geometric elephants!


Day 17- I love bees…until they sting me.


Day 18- I wonder what the message is…