Inktober Dump #2

Inktober days 15-18:


Day 15- I often find myself powerless to resist most forms of candy, especially during October.


Day 16- Most elephants are not ANGULAR…unless they are geometric elephants!


Day 17- I love bees…until they sting me.


Day 18- I wonder what the message is…

Inktober Dump #1

I haven’t been very good at posting my Inktober drawings but I HAVE been doing them everyday. Here are days 10-14!


Day 10- What FLOWS more than a ghost during spooky season?


Day 11- What a CRUEL way to die…


Day 12- Just a WHALE and his fish friends


Day 13- Throwback to Fluffy the Three-Headed Dog From HP and the Socerer’s Stone


Day 14- We have a bird CLOCK in our kitchen. It makes really bird sounds. I love seeing new people try to figure out where the noise is coming from.

Inktober: Days 7-9


Day 7 is brought to you by my dad who thought this idea was beyond hilarious.


Day 8- Star


Day 9- Precious. All good bois are precious.

6 Days of Inktober


Day 1- Poisonous


Day 2- Tranquil


Day 3- Roasted


Day 4- Spell. If I had a magic wand, I my first spell would be for a warm pie.


Day 5- Nobody calls Marty McFly CHICKEN!


Day 6- An accurate representation of my dog DROOLING over popcorn. 

I’m participating in Inktober again! These are the results.

A Reflection on Inktober

If my memory proves correct, I’ve attempted the month-long social media event, known as Inktober, only once before.

What is Inktober?
During the month of October, artists (of all skill levels) are challenged to create something new every day according to a theme. The rules aren’t very strict, allowing people to come up with their own themed lists or post as much or as little as they deem possible. Artists are not required to draw/post every day if they can’t find the time. The goal of Inktober is to give people a reason or the time to really work on their skills. A drawing a day for a month may not result in much visible progress, but it could help an artist to develop a habit.prompt

This year, I thought I’d join in so I could develop my skills for this comics blog. I didn’t have a lot of time, but I thought the attempt was worth it. I wasn’t able to complete the full 31-day challenge but I did as many as I could. I ended up with 20 drawings, some of which were comics while others were doodles. In the end, it was a fantastic challenge. It forced me to be creative every day instead of once a week. Knowing my comics and doodles would be going on social media, I put more effort into the ideas and the products. By attempting to stick with it and come up with decent drawings, I do think I improved. Plus, I gained some Instagram followers!