The Love of Comics

From comic strips to comic apps and from comic books to webcomics, comics are everywhere and people LOVE them. But what is it about them that people love so much? Some people read comics for the stories, some for the art, and others for the humor or the characters. Readers may also find relatability is the best part of a comic.  And then there are people who read for the whole package. In short, each person picks up a newspaper, a comic book, or opens an app for a different reason. The beauty of it is the experience is totally unique and personal. Two people may read the same strip and both may find it funny, but they’ll have different reasons for finding it humorous.

Why do I love comics? Simply, I am one of those people who loves comics for the whole package. By combining art and humor, one can tell a story in a way books and TV shows cannot—they are visual and linguistic at the same time. Comics can be both simple and complex or stupid and smart. They have the ability to disguise intelligent themes as something simple and entertaining and can teach you more than you know. People can relate to comic characters when they see a piece of themselves in a certain character or situation. The possibilities are endless.

Why do you love comics?